Baseball Scorecard


Baseball Scorecard screenshot

Baseball will always be an American pastime. While most understand the three strikes and you’re out rule, to newcomers, some of the other plays and positions can be confusing. A baseball scorecard can be a huge help in learning the game from the inside and out. Plus this easy to use, free template can be downloaded and customized in Excel to use at any family games or little league games.

Filling Out a Baseball Scorecard

To get better acquainted on baseball scorekeeping, baseball terms and what number they are on the baseball scorecard is a must know. Errors, plays and positions are all represented with letters and numbers. Below is a list of positions and what number to use on the scorecard.

  1. Pitcher
  2. Catcher
  3. First Baseman
  4. Second Baseman
  5. Third Baseman
  6. Shortstop
  7. Left Fielder
  8. Center Fielder
  9. Right Fielder

When a ball is hit, the number indicate on where the ball goes. Plays are represented by lettering and symbols. Single, double, or triple base hit in baseball means a one, two, or three-base hit, also represented by 1B, 2B or 3B on scorecards. Horizontal lines are also used according to the scorekeepers preference. Home run is pretty explanatory and shows as a HR on the scorecard. Other words and abbreviations are shown below.

  • K means strikeout.
  • BB means walk.
  • HBP means batter hit by the ball.
  • DP means double play.
  • SB means stolen base.
  • E means error.

The customizable cards for baseball scorekeeping aren’t difficult to fill out once you get the hang of the letters and numbers and what they are used for. Baseball scorecards look more intimidating then they are to fill out. Just make sure you have a pencil handy. Never use a pen for baseball scorekeeping. You may need to correct your mistakes if you make one.

On the baseball scorecard, you will see a name and date of the game area, followed by a roster of cells with diamonds that represent the baseball field. There are nine innings in a game and this free baseball scorecard already has innings up unto the 10th.

It takes a small amount of practice but in no time you will be baseball scorekeeping like a champ! With learning the fundamentals on baseball scorekeeping, you can get more involved now than you were before, and this time, with confidence.

Download: Baseball Scorecard