Baseball Roster Template


Managing a youth baseball team requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You will have players in and out of baseball practice, being picked up and dropped off by various people, and some may be at the wrong place for game day. Baseball season is a time of heat and children often have asthma attacks and dehydration. With so much going on, you need to have organizational and emergency practices in place before tryouts start. The Baseball Roster Template helps you and your team stay organized with all of your contact information as well as your baseball team’s family members.

How to Use the Baseball Roster Template

  • This baseball and softball roster template is easy and straight to the point. It downloads directly into Excel. The baseball and softball roster template is customizable as well.
  • To start, enter the Team’s Name in cell D3.
  • Next, enter the year or season the children are playing.
  • Enter the organization that is responsible for the team.
  • On rows 8 and 9 you will input the coach’s name, phone number and email addresses.
  • Starting on row 12 of the softball roster template you will input the child’s baseball number, followed by their name, date of birth, parent’s phone number and email and finally the parent’s name.
  • Below on row 41, you will find spaces to add any additional staffs contact information such as bus drivers or team mom’s.
  • Cell B47 will automatically calculate the number of players you have.
  • There is a field for additional notes you may have such as which child has health conditions.

Tips for Using the Baseball Roster Template

  • You can copy the tab in the Baseball Roster Template and make each tab a new team’s name. This way you can keep multiple teams in one Excel file.
  • The Baseball Roster Template is customizable to delete or add rows where needed.
  • It is handy to have a laptop at signup where you can fill all of the information in on the softball roster template and avoid handwritten errors.
  • There is space to add additional information such as practice times and game schedules as well at the bottom.
  • At the end of the first signup day or practice you can print off the baseball and softball roster template and hand to each parent so everyone has each other’s contact information.

The Baseball Roster Template will start your team off organized from day one.

Download: Baseball Roster Template