Back to School PowerPoint Template


As the students prepare to return to the school after the summer vacation, teachers spend a similar amount of preparation for the upcoming school year. Many teachers look for a way to introduce the new year’s agenda with a stylish back to school PowerPoint template to grab student’s attention even on the first day of school.

Some teachers try to do this by using the default white slides. But, instead of trying to build the PowerPoint from scratch, creating work based on existing back to school PowerPoint templates is much better and professional. It not only saves time, but also sample templates are designed with several revisions and modifications along the way.

This page includes one free excellent template for doing this, and this template is user-friendly and easily customizable. It can be downloaded on this web page by clicking the link.

How to Use Back to School PowerPoint Template

  • First, plan out the number of slides that will be included for this presentation. It helps to have an outline of all the slides in advance.
  • Second, type the necessary words for each slide and avoid using excessive descriptions. Remember, this is a back to school PowerPoint template, so less wording is better to give more attention to the template itself.
  • Third, review the contents and add animations. Students enjoy transitions and sound animations, so be sure to include them as well.

Tips for Using Back to School PowerPoint Template

  • First, limit the number of photos or pictures used with the slides. You should try to use fewer graphics than you do in white blank slide.
  • Second, try to re-size the graphics or text bodies so that the template itself is not covered up. If the back to school PowerPoint template is not clearly seen, then this will distract your students during the presentation.
  • Third, before you finalize the slides, be sure to save the slides and go through the presentation mode one more time to see that everything is in harmony with the template.

Whether you are an elementary, middle or high school teacher, creating engaging PowerPoint is necessary for students coming back to school. This template will therefore excite your students and help them to be more focused in your lessons.

Download: Back to School PowerPoint Template