Baby Shower Planner


Baby Shower Planner screenshot

Planning a baby shower can seem overwhelming and exhausting not only for the host, but also for the soon-to-be mother. A baby shower planner is the best tool around in order to avoid chaos and confusion on the special day. The baby shower planner is simple to use and a great way to keep everything organized leading up to the big day!

How to Use the Baby Shower Planner Excel Template

The baby shower planner template using Excel is very easy to use and downloadable here. Once you download the free document, you can start customizing it immediately. First, starting at the heading, you can personalize it for the specific person by adding their name, the time and date of the party, as well as the location. Then, you can move on to creating the guest list.

This template is so great because you can customize the information for each guest. For example, their relationship to the expecting mother, if the RSVP has been received, RSVP response, the number of people in that specific party, and their address. In the RSVP areas, there is a convenient drop down box so you can easily click “yes” or “no” for the RSVP. Furthermore, this baby shower planner includes specific areas for food/drinks, decorations, a task list, and other supplies.

Helpful Tips for Using the Baby Shower Planner Excel Template

Heading- To make changes in the heading, you can double click in the area you would like to personalize, then highlight the information and then type exactly what you want the highlighted to say. Another option is, clicking in the area you would like to change, then right click and select cut, then type what you want the area to say.

When entering new guest information, you can use the Tab key to enter information for each field. If you press the Tab key again after you have entered address information, then you will be able to enter the next guest’s information.

The Food/Drinks, Decorations, and Other supplies, list allows you to enter in the cost of the supplies to help keep track of the budget.

The task list allows you to arrange a list of tasks that are needed in order to complete the baby shower. This also allows you to enter a time frame to ensure you stay on track for the party. In addition, you can also make any special notes about the tasks in the note field.

Download: Baby Shower Planner