Baby Shower Invitations


One of the most important events for a couple is the news of a baby joining the family. For millions of mothers across the across the country, even the globe, this special delivery is celebrated with their closest friends and family members who want to give an intimate and early welcome to the latest addition of the family. By using the Baby Shower Invitations template, planners can have a better option than trying to find the right store card to meet their sentiments. Not only more personal, the Baby Shower Invitations template takes the stress out of planning for a large group of people. Go from ten people to thirty, or even fifty, all with the click of a button.

Using the Baby Shower Invitations Template

The Baby Shower Invitations Template has a unique appearance because it is a four-fold design. From an introductory cover design, event and contact information page, the invite is presented with a gold and forest green template on a white background page. Downloading the template from this page is free to all users. Easy to customize and use, programmers with have the perfect template ready to be used in minutes. What’s necessary for the running of the program is Word 2007 or later. This is important because the Baby Showers Invitations template opens using Word for its design and custom options.

  1. Once the Baby Shower Invitations template opens up in Word, users can immediately begin to fill in the information slots with the correct data.
  2. The front page can be dragged or toggled to a larger or smaller size, depending on the user’s preference.
  3. Don’t forget to fill in who the Baby Shower Invitations event is for, the identity and contact information of the hostess, and when and where the event will be held.
  4. Special information about bringing gifts can easily be implemented on the third page of the four-fold card.
  5. For special colors, perhaps according to the sex of the baby, simply click on the template borders or font and select any color of your choice from the the color tab on the custom toolbar.
  6. Because of its four-fold design, it is preferred that the template is printed for regular mail. However, users can send it to guests using email, provided that the guest list reaches more than fifteen people.
  7. Once complete, save the document for easy reference and print for distribution.

Download: Baby Shower Invitations