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Avery Template 5395 Free

Are you planning a meeting, conference or simply any sort of get together where you want to avoid the awkward name exchange conversation? Avery Template 5395 will allow you to print very clean looking name tags that will work especially well in plastic pin-on name tags. The Avery Template 5395 is designed to be printed on Avery name tag paper that you can find at your local office supply store.

How to Get Avery Template 5395

  1. Firstly, the template is available for free on this page. Make sure your cookies are turned on (In the Google Chrome browser this is found in Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Content Settings, under the Privacy tab).
  2. Customize your tag to tailor to your party.
  3. Find the green download bar click it. It’s that simple.
  4. If you have Microsoft Office your new template should open automatically, if not, find your downloads (CRL + J for chrome on a PC) and open the template manually.

If typed hundreds of these Avery Template 5395 tags can be created in no time. Another option is to print the blank slate with “Hello My Name is…” on them, for example, to encourage others to write their name. Nothing is worse than trying to remember someones name, or even worse, calling them by almost the completely wrong name. Make sure to make these tags visible at your event so they get used.

Fun Tips for A More Relaxed Setting

  • Is it a fun get-together? Let your attendees make up nick names for one another, for example “Squirt.”
  • Another fun idea is to add interesting questions like “What is your spirit animal?” Sometimes the playful attitude can break the social hierarchy and allow conversation to flow more naturally.
  • White is typically the most professional color but sometimes color coded tags can allow the right people to meet. For example blue for buyers and yellow for sellers. Perhaps you are having a mixer? Green could be for single, while red for taken.

If you buy high quality name tag holder they can last a lifetime of events, they’re a great investment. Leave a collection bin for tags at the end of the event. For the next event just jump back to your Avery Template 5395 editor and create a new batch whenever you want!

Download: Avery Template 5395

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