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Free Avery Template 5371

Business cards show that a small business owner or freelancer is serious about her business, and a professional business card stands out from the rest. However, business cards are also expensive, which is why companies like Avery have come up with ways to produce the cards from office printers for a fraction of the cost. Avery Template 5371 is attractive and clean to help you put your best foot forward when giving someone your business card.

This business card template in particular is easy to use and produce 10 business cards per sheet of cardstock. Avery sells perforated blank business cards specifically for this purpose, and you can save money by printing only as many cards as you need. Just follow the instructions listed below.

Using Avery Template 5371

  1. Load Avery Template 5371 for business cards.
  2. Click the prominent name field to type in your own name.
  3. Place your cursor where the company name is to enter your company name.
  4. Click to edit the address of your business.
  5. Type in the email address, Website URL and telephone number in the appropriate locations.

Tips for Working with Avery Template 5371

The template uses suggested text, but you can change any of the elements on the business card. For example, if you’re a freelancer using your own name, you may put your role instead of the company name on your business card. You might prefer to add an email address rather than a website URL, and you may even include social media links on your business card.

The template also suggests font sizes and colors, but you may wish to change them to suit your tastes or make your card easier to read. Remember to keep plenty of contrast between font colors and the background on your card. Similarly, it’s important that text remain large enough to read, so you will have to limit information that appears on your business card.

Save Avery Template 5371 as a PDF to access in the future when you need additional business cards.

Download: Avery Template 5371

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