Avery Template 5160

Avery Template 5160

Avery Template 5160 Download

Something as simple as mailing labels can go a long way to make life easier for individuals and businesses alike. In fact, with Avery Template 5160, one no longer has to worry about time wasted looking for a writing utensil, legible writing, or printing out addresses on countless envelopes. Mailing a letter or package becomes as simple as slapping a label on it, handing the correspondence to the mail person, and returning to more important tasks. Download Avery Template 5160 and mailing a letter becomes as easy as printing out the labels.

Customizing Avery Template 5160

Customizing Avery Template 5160 is simply a matter of selecting the font size and style that fits one’s needs. An organization can personalize its mailing labels to reflect their company with ease while an individual can add an artistic flare unique to him or her. Whether using the labels for correspondence, files, or even project binders, all one has to do is take advantage of the free download, available below, and design the easy-to-use labels to reflect one’s personal tastes.

How to Use Avery Template 5160

  • To begin designing the mailing labels, open Word, select “File” and click on the template to open a new document.
  • The next step is to select and format the first label, such as centering the text, aligning text to the right, and etcetera.
  • Once one decides on the format, one can then fill out the appropriate information in each field.
  • The final step is printing out and labels and using the mailing labels as needed.

Tips for Using Avery Template 5160

  • Perhaps one of the best tips is to advise double-checking the spelling to prevent lost packages or letters.
  • Run a test print to make sure the alignment and appearance is exactly what one expects, this practicing saving labels and time.
  • With several font styles and sizes to chose from, one may want to check out a few to achieve that personalized look one wants to achieve.

Download: Avery Template 5160

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