Avery Template 5126


If you are operating a successful business, you need to ship out your products to your customers. To make the appearance of business correspondence professional and easy, you can download Avery Template 5126 from this page free. This template will help you to create unique customized shipping labels that will have your shipping tasks completed quickly with this free easy download.

With the Avery Template 5126 that is available for download from this page free, you can create two customized labels with the Blue Stripe design. This set of corresponding themed stationery templates matches with other Avery templates that you can find at the bottom of the download page. These labels are sized 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches with the Blue Stripe design, and contain areas for customized sender and return addresses. This template is simple and easy to use and can be downloaded right from this page following these simple instructions listed here.

How to Use Avery Template 5126

  1. Collect the company names, contact names, addresses, city, state, and zip codes needed and insert them on the shipping label page.
  2. Download the template from the download page on to your computer. You may have to click “Enable Content” when asked for it after downloading.
  3. Record the needed information on to the labels. Print out your customized labels.

Tips for Using Avery Template 5126

  1. When you have downloaded the template for the labels, insert your company information and save a copy of this label to your computer. When you need multiple pages, it will save time to enter only the receiver’s addresses on the labels before printing.
  2. Proofread your labels for number correctness and spelling before printing.
  3. Utilize the corresponding Blue Stripe Design set of Avery templates at the bottom of the page to create a uniform and flowing theme for all of your correspondence needs.

Use Avery Template 5126 that you can download free from here right now, to create unique and Blue Stripe design theme shipping labels that will give your business an organized and professional look.

Download: Avery Template 5126

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