Avery Return Address Labels


Avery Return Address Labels are one of the most useful office/stationary supplies to have on hand. It is much easier to respond to mail when the sender has included a return address label or two. It also expresses to the recipient an openness and desire for a response. Many of the traditional courtesies of professional and personal correspondence by mail have been discarded, but the return address label has stuck around because of how useful it has proven to be.

This particular template combines a festive party hat design with great value per page, customization options and usability. The Avery return address labels template is the perfect choice for a party invitation, gift or birthday greeting.

There are a total of 80 labels on each individual sheet. The template is compatible with Avery 5167, Avery 5267, Avery 5667, Avery 5967, Avery 6467, Avery 8167 and Avery 8667.

How to use Avery Return Address Labels

  • First, download the file here and open the file in Word 2003 (or later). The download is free! Add your return address information. You can also customize the Avery return address label at this point with a different image.
  • Print the labels onto 1-3/4″ x1/2″ 80 label sheets. Wait for the ink to dry!
  • Attach the labels to invitations card or envelopes in the upper left hand corner.

Other Creative, Friendly Uses for Avery Return Address Labels

  • Since these labels are such high values per page, you can afford to make use of them in other ways.
  • Send a letter to a friend in a different town, and include 2 or 3 Avery return address labels in the envelope. By doing this, you save your friend the trouble of looking up your address and writing it out on an envelope when they respond to you. It also shows that you are eager to hear back.
  • Attach return address labels to the inside of books you take to school or when you travel. That way, if you lose the book, anyone who finds it can return it to you with ease. This works well with some electronics, too!
  • Send a label inside RSVP invitations. If your invitee wants to send you a greeting card or gift in addition to the response, they have a label to send it with.
  • Give labels to your friends when they travel. Avery return address labels use less room on a post card than a written address, and your friend will have a reminder to send them.

Download: Avery Return Address Labels

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