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If your school, church, place of employment or any other type of club is having a raffle, the Avery Raffle Ticket Template is a simple and easy-to-use tool that can save you time. When you are fundraising, hosting for a big occasion or gathering, there are many steps that require dedication and hard work to ensure a successful event. Why run out and search for tickets to purchase when with a simple click of the mouse you can have professional raffle tickets in your hand?

The Avery Raffle Ticket Template is easy to read and clearly requests all the information needed for guest to enter your raffle. There is no need to ponder over what information to ask, simply print and the tickets are ready!

How to Use the Avery Raffle Ticket Template

  • There is no fee to download the template
  • There are ten tickets per page
  • To download the template to your computer simply hit the green download button

Tips for Using the Avery Raffle Ticket Template

  • For best results use with Avery 5871, 8871, and 8873 business card paper
  • Tickets are business card size, making it easy for buyers to fill out comfortably and easy for you to read
  • The Avery Raffle Ticket Template comes with a thank you message printed on each ticket for buyer, which they will see as they fill out the card, it is a small and simple gesture to show appreciation to your supporters

Ideas for Successful Use of the Avery Raffle Ticket Template

  • Always print extra tickets for the day of the event and have available for purchase right up to the moment of the drawing. During the course of the event remind people of the prizes available, and you will get a lot of last minute impulse purchases.
  • The more prizes to win, the higher the odds and the more you can convince people to buy the tickets. If the raffle is for a charity go to local businesses and organizations for donations to the raffle, such as a free dinner from a restaurant or gift card from a local store.

Download: Avery Raffle Ticket Template

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