Avery Postcard Template

Avery Postcard Template

Free Avery Postcard Template

Here is another user-friendly Avery template for your office and stationary needs. Using card stock compatible with certain commercial and home printers, postcards can be created using a free download from Avery.

Get to Know the Avery Postcard Template

This Avery postcard template creates beautiful and diverse postcards that measure 6” x 4”. The front side can be adorned with imported pictures and graphic designs specific to your announcement or business. The backside contains standard Word formatted text with details describing the announcement. This is an extremely efficient and affordable way to create beautiful postcards that can be sent as standard mail, or as an included feature in packages.

This postcard template allows users to choose from pre-formatted subjects like birthday announcements and industry-specific changes of address, to appointment reminders and detailed order forms.

Using this Avery Postcard Template

This free download only requires 152 KB and works in a standard 8.5” x 11” field. Each field when “tabbed” through, will have specific text character bold, angle and sizing options. Postcard fields are divided into sectors containing text and graphics. Using the same procedure for importing a picture for a Word document, this graphic fields can be filled. On the top of the template, users will find option buttons for customizing text color and appearance.

A side-by-side sub-page is highlighted for additional text. This is the backside of the Avery postcard template. Several lines are provided for filler information. Thick borders are established to accommodate stamps, written notes and post-printing decoration. This template expands on the field generation options of the Avery business card template. Its dimensions are letter-sized and contains working screen commands for breaking up picture and graphic fields into multiple quadrants. This template is an incredibly diverse option for businesses to distribute sales and promotional information in a unique way. It is also a great template for creating high-quality cards that grab attention!

This Avery postcard template is designed to comply with the operational details of Avery 8386, 5389 and 5889. Use the provided general pictures and logos, or change the fields and import your own personalized graphics. This template will work with picture-quality print devices and programs.

Download: Avery Postcard Template

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