Avery Label Template 8167

Avery Label Template 8167

Free Avery Label Template 8167

When you have large amounts of mail going out regularly, one of the ways to make this process easy and simple is to use the Avery Label Template 8167. The Avery Label Template 8167 is an address label maker using Microsoft Word so that all you have to is click print and stick the label on an envelope to be mailed out. Now you won’t have to write out addresses on envelopes and it save you time. It also reduces the chances of making a mistake so that important letters won’t be returned back to you for an insufficient address.

The Avery Label Template 8167 does all of the work for you and is available for free to download right here on this page.

Tips on the Avery Label Template 8167

  1. You can customize the template to suit your needs. Remember to save it to your computer for future use and reference.
  2. Enter all information you wish to include in your labels.
  3. Make sure to adjust your printer to the labels setting before you print to optimize your print quality. Most printers have special instructions for loading labels so refer to your printing manual for loading and feeding recommendations.
  4. If you are unsure about the settings, you can always test print on plain paper and adjust your settings accordingly and then print your labels on the label sheet after you make your changes.
  5. You should not have to feed labels through your printer more than once.
  6. Make sure that on your print settings, the printing is done on one side of the label paper only. Double sided settings will have address printing on the back of the paper and you will have to reprint those labels- unless your label paper is double sided of course.
  7. For best results, let the ink dry completely before removing the labels from the label sheet.

Download and start using the Avery Label Template 8167 today to make the task of sending out those letters now effortless and a breeze!

Download: Avery Label Template 8167

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