Avery Label Template 5267


Free Avery Label Template 5267

No one wants to hand write a return postal address on hundreds of envelopes for a mass business mailing. Labels save the time of writing the same information out by hand again and again. Avery Label Template 5267 delivers big time savings and has more uses than addresses. This template for small and mighty labels has eighty labels per sheet.

Avery Label Template 5267 is formatted for postal addresses. It is customizable for up to three lines and simple to change for other purposes. This free Microsoft Word template downloads in seconds from this page by clicking on the download button.

How to Use Avery Label Template 5267

Return address label
Begin by entering the name, address, city, state, and zip code in any label. After entering the information on one label, you will see the entire sheet automatically fill in the same information. Next, save the file and choose to preserve the formatting of the document if necessary. The font, font size, and color are customizable if you prefer something other than black. Simply select all, adjust the styling, and all the labels change.

Customized label
Begin by determining how many lines you need. If you choose less than three lines, delete the extra lines from each label in the template. Enter your information. Always save your work preserving the formatting of the template. Select all of the labels, and then adjust the font, size and color accordingly.

Suggested Projects for Avery Label Template 5267

Contact Information
Convenient contact information is not always a postal address. These labels can be used for communicating website addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Teachers can use the template to make labels to communicate feedback to students. Papers can be returned to students with labels suggesting improvements, requesting appointments, or requesting revisions.

Bookkeepers may use the labels for a more emphasized notation on bills with a “Payment Due” label or a “Thank you for your payment!”

Avery Label Template 5267 provides versatility and time savings, making it a great download.

Download: Avery Label Template 5267

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