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Free Avery Envelope Template

When running a business, it’s important that every thing about it looks clean and professional. One of the many ways to achieve this is being certain that every piece of paperwork the company puts out looks appealing. This includes envelopes. One of the best choices of envelopes is the modern firm Avery envelope template.

About the Modern Firm Avery Envelope Template

To use this Avery Envelope Template, you simply type for your business name on the first line and your business’ address on the second line. This template is completely customizable. When you first download the Avery Envelope Template, it will be in green and black colors, but feel free to change this to any color that best suits your company! To download the Avery Envelope Template for free, click on the download button and it will open right in Microsoft Word.

While the Avery Envelope Template looks wonderful all on it’s own, it’s all about how the company uses it that really makes it stand out.

Avery Envelope Template Tips

  • What colors will look best in this template? Does your business have certain colors associated with it that should be used? If your company has ‘signature colors’, be sure to use them as people will associate them with you.
  • What font will you use? This is of utmost importance because if the font is difficult to read, it could hinder someone’s ability to write back to you because they couldn’t decipher the address.
  • Will it stand out? Make your envelope a cut above the rest. You want it to get the attention of the people whose desk it will cross. The envelope is the first thing they will see from your company, so make it count!

There is a lot of thought that goes into running a business. While envelopes may not be the first thing on a person’s mind, they are important! Use the Modern Firm template and your correspondence will be a cut above the rest!

Download: Avery Envelope Template

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