Avery CD Label Template 8931

Avery CD Label Template 8931

Avery CD Label Template 8931 Screenshot

Avery Dennison, which has been known by several other names at various points in its 79-year history, including Kum Kleen Products, Avery Adhesives, Avery Adhesive Labels Corporation and Avery Adhesive Products Corporation, is one of the most prominent names in the production of labels for envelopes and other things. This article deals specifically with Avery CD Label Template 8931, which can be downloaded for free from this page. The template, like all the others from Avery, is both customizable and easy to use.

Basics of the Avery CD Label Template 8931

Avery CD Label Template 8931 is for CD jewel case inserts. Three variations of this template are available. They are:

  1. Without music symbols: Two thin rectangles on the left hand side run the entire length of the label, on which are inscribed the main title and subtitle of the collection and the volume number, e. g. Mike’s Favorite Music: Tunes for the Workout, Volume 1. The same appears on the field, in large lettering, with the title in italics. The date on which the collection was made appears beneath the main title on the left, with the volume number on the right. The subtitle on the rectangle may be given in abbreviated form, i. e. “Workout.”
  2. With music symbols: This is identical to the preceding except that three musical symbols also appear on the field. The symbols are a soprano clef, a quarter note and a linked series of three quarter notes. They appear in the same spot where the date appears in the first variation.
  3. Holiday music CD: The only part of this variant of the Avery CD Label Template 8931 that the makers have put down themselves is the three candy canes in the center. They are turned and tilted toward the left and have holly leaves attached to them. Elsewhere instructions are given on what to insert where, thus “Add text and graphics for back of CD/DVD case insert here.”

The Avery CD Label Template 8931 is compatible with Word 2003.

Download: Avery CD Label Template 8931

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