Avery Business Card Template 5371

Avery Business Card Template 5371

Free Avery Business Card Template 5371

When conducting business, it is always beneficial to have your contact information readily available. With the Avery Business Card Template 5371 you can always be prepared. Avery Business Card Template 5371 allows you to design your cards to fit your particular business needs. They are easy to use and can be downloaded for free on this page.

How to Use Avery Business Card Template 5371

  • Once you download the template, use your tab key to maneuver to each highlighted section
  • The first highlighted section will on the top right hand side, type your company name
  • Then tab, this section highlighted ask for the web address of your company, where you wish to direct your online traffic
  • Hit the tab twice to take you to the left hand side of the card where you type your name
  • The next tab highlights the section where you type your company address
  • This next tab highlights the section for your phone number
  • The last tab is where you will insert your email address

Tips for Using Avery Business Card Template 5371

  • Make sure the paper you use for your cards is aligned properly in the printer
  • You can substitute a small graphic where your name is located on the card template
  • In the address section some people prefer to omit this information. You can simply put your city and state or if you have a post office box insert that information
  • If you have certain colors that represent your company or organization, use them on your cards so they can reflex your company’s theme
  • You can substitute a logo where you would insert your name. There are endless possibilities with these templates

Business cards are a staple for any business or organization. Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, cards are essential. Business cards help potential clients determine whether they want to form a relationship with your particular organization or business. The Avery Business Card Template 5371 makes it easy and convenient to create your business cards.

Download: Avery Business Card Template 5371

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