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Creating professional looking labels with the Avery 8663 Template is easy. Just download the template from this page for free and install it in your Office templates folder. Once you have the template installed, you can use it to create customized, clear labels that look great on any colored background.

Download the Avery 8663 Template Now

  • Download the template free from this page
  • Save it into the template folder, located at ‘C:\Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates’
  • If you can’t find the template folder there, find it by doing a search under the ‘Start Menu’ button. Look for ‘Microsoft\Templates’.
  • Once you have the Avery 8663 Template file saved in your template folder, using it is easy. Just open Word. Click on the ‘New’ button, select ‘From Template’, and choose the ‘Avery 8663 Template’.
  • Use this template to create your own design, or, if you prefer, you can start with one of Avery’s built-in designs. Each design is fully customizable.

Designing with the Avery 8663 Template

  • Select a design from the available options.
  • Click the ‘Customize’ Tab
  • Choose whether you want to edit just one label, or all of them
  • In the box on the left, you can choose from a number of options, from ‘Text’ to ‘Arrange, Rotate, Align,…’
  • Start by adding text
  • Choose between ‘Add Text Box’ and ‘Add Circular Text’
  • Under this tab, you can customize how your box will look
  • Following the same format, add any images that you want
  • You can also add shapes, QR and Barcodes, or sequential numbers
  • You can even import data (Mail Merge) to generate hundreds of custom labels

Once you are satisfied with your work, click ‘Preview & Print’ to make sure that your labels look just the way you want them to. If they do, then load your blank Avery 8663 labels into your printer and click ‘print’. If you don’t like how your labels look, go back and make changes.

As you can see, making professional looking labels with the Avery 8663 Template is easy and can save you hundreds of dollars and many hours.

Download: Avery 8663 Template

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