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Free Avery 8660 Template

Do you need a template that is simple and quick to use? The Avery 8660 template is exactly what you need to use. The Avery 8660 template will help you create your personalized address labels. This template is quick, easy to use, and extremely simple. This template will give you exactly what you are looking for and will cut out all of the “fluff” other templates seem to force on you.

Using the Avery 8660 Template

Here are the easy steps into making your address labels using the Avery 8660 template:

  • First step is to type the recipient’s first and last name on the top of the label template.
  • The second step is to put the recipient’s street address in the middle of the label template.
  • And the very last step is to put their city, state, and zip code at the bottom of the label template. And just like that, your labels are done and ready to be printed.

Because the Avery 8660 template is so easy to use, we are going to provide you with a few extra tips to truly make these address labels everything you need them to be:

  • Always play around with the font types. This template does not tie you down to one paticular font. These address labels are completely customizable, making them fit your very own personality.
  • The second piece of advice we will give you to make these labels just what you want, is to test out font colors. Always make sure they are on the darker side so that it is easy for the USPS to read.
  • The last tip for the Avery 8660 template is to print out some practice labels on your printing paper. This will ensure that your labels look just the way you want them to before printing on your actual labels.

The Avery 8660 template is the easiest and simplest template to use for all of your address label needs. Because we know you will want to use this template ASAP, it is free to download off of this very site.

Download: Avery 8660 Template

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