Avery 8163 Template


The Avery 8163 Template

Shipping labels save time, money and provide a consistent look to each package sent. Designing a shipping label template can be a time consuming process, but with the Avery 8163 Template the hard part is already finished. This template is free to download from this page and is customizable to meet your needs. Perfect for the small or home based business, this template saves you precious time and money.

Downloading and Customizing the Avery 8163 Template

  • Download a free copy of this template then save to the folder of your choice.
  • With a fresh blank copy open, click in the top left label, enter your company information in the upper left text box fields, and follow the same procedure in the lower right hand text box to enter the shipping address.
  • Choose the color, style, and size of font you want by clicking on the font toolbar and selecting from the menu.
  • If you prefer colorful labels, insert word art or clip art to liven up your labels.

The Avery 8163 Template is simple to use and is a valuable timesaving tool for business and personal use. Download your free copy today and ship packages immediately.

Tips and Tricks to Customizing the Avery 8163 Template

  • To insert clip art, simply click the ‘Insert’ tab on the toolbar and choose ‘Text Box’. Move the text box to the desired location within the label, and choose ‘Clip Art’ to open the clip art menu, choose clip art, and insert in text box.
  • Size of clip art and text box is change by clicking and dragging the edges until you reach the desired size.
  • Copy and paste your address into each label rather than typing to save time.
  • Highlight the entire text box to change all the font colors and appearance at the same time.

The Avery 8163 Template is a unique template for business or personal use. This template is handy during the holidays, no more handwriting address labels, simply fill in your fields, print, and place them on packages. Prepare for your shipping needs ahead of time; download your free template from this page today.

Download: Avery 8163 Template

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