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With the advent of digital media, producing, exchanging and stockpiling digitized content has become a trademark practice in our modern era. Whether you’re an artist pedaling original work, a student tasked with a digital media assignment, or someone looking to save and share personal photos and videos, customized on-CD/DVD labels are key for presenting and organizing your personal supply. Labels can be crafted in a simple Word Document, but eyeballing your design to align with label paper can be an exhausting guessing game. The Avery 5931 Template primes a Word Document according to CD/DVD label parameters, making label customization fast and easy at no cost at all.

Providing a layout for two on-face CD/DVD labels and title card inserts for jewel case spines, the Avery 5931 Template works with Word 2003 or later. To easily customize labels suitable for your CD/DVD purposes, take advantage of this available free download.

How to Use the Avery 5931 Template

  • First, download the free file and open it in Microsoft Word. To replace the sample text, click twice on a text box, highlight the sample text inside and delete. In this text box space you can type your own text or insert clip art and photos. To replace the sample pictures, just delete those boxes and insert a new text box close in size.
  • Now you can start to customize your design. You can add more text boxes than are sampled and the sizes can be larger than the examples in the Avery 5931 Template. That said, try to be conservative when taking up space and stick to the provided outline as much as possible.
  • When your design is complete, prepare your label paper. The labels that correspond with the Avery 5931 Template are Avery 5692, 5694, 5697, 5698, 5931, 6692, 8691, 8692, 8699, 8942, 8944, 8960, 8962.
  • After your labels have printed, apply the labels. For even and smooth application of your on-CD/DVD, lay you DVD or CD on it’s face. Next, peel only a small portion at the edge of your label paper. Align that small arc of sticky paper to the CD or DVD. When you feel confident that it matches, slowly peel the rest of the non-stick paper while simultaneously smoothing the label down on the CD face.

Take advantage of this free download of Avery 5931 Template to facilitate your label customization and create a unique presentation suitable for your digital media purposes.

Download: Avery 5931 Template

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