Attendance Award Template


Screenshot of the Attendance Award Template

Being on time an reliable is a great thing in life. You should reward those who deserve a note of excellence around you with the Attendance Award Template available here on this page for free. It is easy to use and customize as you wish in PowerPoint 2003 or newer compatible software. Here is some information about how to use this file and some tips to try and get a little more out of it.

How to Use the Attendance Award Template

When you open the Attendance Award Template file, PowerPoint will take over and give you the outline of your task at hand. At the top where the text says School Name, you should put the school that the student attends. Next, the large print Student Name should be changed to reflect the individual who is going to receive this award.

The date below that can be changed to the date that you plan on giving out the award. And, finally, on the bottom right, in small print you will find an area to put the name of the individual who will be giving the award. You could also add a little personalized note or quote that fits to the left of the small to and above Student Name.

Tips for Using the Attendance Award Template

This template can be customized for your school and saved so you can reuse it every year. The Attendance Award Template could also be used for someone other than a school, like a group. This would be a great gift for a fellow member of AA if you adjust the pictures a little and work the Alcoholic’s Anonymous on the School name portion of the file. After you have made your modification of School Name, the date, and the presenter of the award, save an extra copy so all you have to change for the next award is the name. This will save time of tedious typing and get you working faster.

The Attendance Award Template is versatile and can save you time when trying to make your own awards. Customize them so they are unique to each individual and praise them for being punctual and reliable at your next awards giving.

Download: Attendance Award Template