Appointment Calendar


Appointment Calendar screenshot

This Excel appointment calendar template is just what you need to keep your life organized and remember your obligations. Instead of having random notes and appointment cards, which are easy to misplace, you can have one place to organize everything. This is an ideal template to put into an organizational binder or notebook. Each week will take up two pages, giving you plenty of space to write in everything you need.

Easy, Simple and Free Appointment Calendar

This appointment calendar is easy to use and has no unnecessary features that clutter up the page, taking space away from what is important. Simplicity is key to organization, so this calendar only gives you the basics that you truly need. The template is easily customizable to fit your needs. It only shows dates and times with plenty of space to write. Best of all, it doesn’t cost you a dime and is downloadable right from this page.

Using the Free Microsoft Appointment Calendar

  • Input the date of the first Monday you need the appointment calendar to start on. The calendar begins with Monday, but has space for all seven days of the week.
  • Choose the number of weeks you would like to print. It might be easier for you to print multiple weeks at once, but you can always come back and print out additional copies as you need them.
  • You can change the time at which your day begins if the current time does not fit your needs. A message can also be printed at the bottom of the page, in a small but easy to read font. If you are trying to organize your life, a short inspirational quote could be great for the bottom of the page – even if it’s just “Keep it up!”
  • The calendar takes up two pages per week, but you can print double-sided and save paper instead if you’d like. Either option gives you plenty of space to write in everything you need to get done. You can’t go wrong with a calendar this simple.

Download: Appointment Calendar