American Flag Window Decal


Free American Flag Window Decal

The image of the American flag is a strong one and with the right program in the MS Office suite this image can be turned into anything such as a sticker, a label sheet, window decal or into a silk screen for fabrics. Searching the internet for an image of the American Flag is time-consuming and may not be the right resolution. The search ends here with this American Flag Window Decal for MS Word 2003 and later.

How To Use The American Flag Window Decal

Among the many images that MS Office uses there are only a few that really work without having the make changes to the image alone. You simply download this American Flag Window Decal from this page.

  • This is a free download with no restrictions. This is a full-page image that you can use as a sticker, a magnet, an iron on or decorative piece.
  • The download is customizable, where the area that carries the text can be changed to read anything.
  • The decal is easy to use and apply using a variety of MS Office programs.

Tips For Using The American Flag Window Decal

The hard work is already done for you, simple apply the following steps to get this decal:

  • First, make sure when downloading that it is saved properly. If no changes have been made to the default download folder than it will automatically be saved in the download folder.
  • Second, open MS Word and import the image to a new document file.
  • Third, when making the changes to the text make sure to save it.

Because of the nature of the type of image and MS Office, you can add this decal to the necessary software in several ways. Once the image is saved, it import it into other imaging software and adjust its use in a similar fashion, so it isn’t restricted to MS Word only. This gives you more flexibility on how you use the image, and can still be printed out on regular paper for fliers. It is also important to make sure that your printer supports the kind of printing you need. If anything, after personalizing the image make sure it is saved in the right document file to send to a person or service that has the right printer.

This image is already at the right resolution to make a clear image. There’s no need to increase it. Notice how sharp the colors are for the American Flag Window Decal, where those who see it won’t hesitate to stand at attention.

Download: American Flag Window Decal