American Flag Template


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Sometimes a presentation needs a mood. The background to a presentation can help to set the required mood. If a presenter is discussing a patriotic topic, then the presenter needs to set a patriotic mood. One way a presenter can utilize his background to create that patriotic mood is to use the free American Flag template for PowerPoint.

How to Use the American Flag Template

  • First, title your presentation so that the background American Flag template connects well. Consider why the subject is connected to the background.
  • Second, fill the slides with the points to be highlighted related to the talk intended. The slides are preset for optimum legibility.
  • Third, present the presentation with appropriate patriotic inflection. Remember to explain to the audience why the flag was chosen for the background for this presentation.

Tips on Using the American Flag Template

  • First, keep in mind this PowerPoint template is best reserved for those occasions where a patriotic mood is desired. Among those types of discussions would be talks about sacrifices of American servicemen and women and the days associated with remembering those sacrifices such as Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day.
  • Second, this template would also serve as an ideal background for discussions of the historic events that culminated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the Unites States of America. This template would in generally serve as an excellent background for most early American history presentations.
  • Third, in a less serious vein of thought than the previous subject, this template would also be an excellent choice for family photo displays at the upcoming backyard barbeque on the Fourth of July. In such usage, the need to explain the template is rendered mute by the context of the celebration.

A presenter needs to set the proper mood for his presentation. The start of the mood is the background against which he places it. Therefore, a presenter must think carefully about what background to use. A patriotic template like the American Flag template found on this page can greatly assist presenters in setting a patriotic mood.

Download: American Flag Template