Advent Calendar Template


The Advent Calendar Template is an exciting novelty for enjoying the holidays. The advent calendar template is downloadable here on this site, for free. You can customize it according to your wishes. Get started now because this template is unbelievably easy to use and absolutely as user friendly as they come.

Download the Advent Calendar Template for Free

First, download the Advent Calendar template into your programs file. Save it into your file under a name that you will remember. Then, sit back and wait for Advent to begin.

How to Use the Advent Calendar Template

Once Advent season is here, on the first day of Advent you may click the first door to open it and receive your first gift in the Advent Calendar template file. There are 25 doors, one for each day, and you will receive a great surprise when you open each one that is full of awesome seasonal delight. There may be a one minute wait for the door to open and reveal your “gift”, but we think that adds to your suspense and enjoyment. Continue this opening of your advent “gifts” each day throughout the season until December 25 arrives.

If you want to make changes to the template afterward, you can customize the program by opening the User Menu. Follow the options and prompts and make changes you desire. After completion, remember to save your changes and give this customized template a new identifying name. This should permit you to keep our template and your new customization as well.

Have a Very Happy Advent Season

You will want to share your Advent Calendar with your friends and family. It makes a very nice holiday greeting to send via email. Use this charming and uniquely yours method to wish your loved ones happy holidays and help them attain it, with their very own Christmas Calendar Template from you.

This calendar has been a favorite among our friends and family for many holiday seasons. We hope you find it as meaningful, enticing and fun as we all have.

Download: Advent Calendar Template