401K Template

401K Template

The 401K Template is here to organize your finances and get you ready for your future. Retirement can be scary, especially if you’re unprepared. Today, most people can’t live off their Social Security. That’s why it’s so important to get your 401K set up just the way you need it, to have a happy and full retirement. The simple template has every tool you’ll need, from calculating your cumulative contributions to the overall performance of your funds over time. If you’re finally ready to start saving for your future and you’re tired of worrying what will happen after you retire, then this free document is just the thing you need to get back on track.

Using the 401K Template

The 401K Template will need to first be downloaded to your computer. Simply click the link at the bottom of your screen to download this file.

The next step will be to enter all your financial data into the “401K” tab located at the bottom of your screen. This information will include simple things, such as your current age and projected retirement age, annual salary, etc. The 401K Template will automatically calculate the number of years you have left to invest and provide you with your contributions (and employer contributions if applicable) to give you the exact figures you can expect by the end of your career.

You will also be able to see this information displayed in a graph below.

The large table at the end of this page is your 401K at every year from now until you retire. You will receive a year-by-year breakdown of how much money should be in your 401K. You can even see how much you invest vs your employer’s matching policy. All of this information is easily adjusted in case of a promotion and if you change your career path with a different company/job.

The “Balance” tab is simply a breakdown of all this information in an easy-to-read format. You’ll find your cumulative contributions, fund performance, personal ROI, and much more helpful information on this page.
Now you can rest easy knowing your future is secured with your current career path by using the 401K Template.

Download: 401k Template