2014 Photo Calendar


Free 2014 Photo Calendar

A 2014 Photo Calendar is a great way to see all the days of the year at a quick glance with a custom picture displayed. You can check to see what weekdays correspond with the day in the month. Also, it can be made to fit right in your billfold or wallet so you can flip it out and quickly look at it on the fly.

Making your own 2014 Photo Calendar

The template for your 2014 Photo Calendar is very easy to use and is free. Just simply click the download button and follow the instructions. Once you open the file you will see how easy it is to customize the template. You can click on the picture and re-size it. Or if you prefer to add your own picture you can choose to upload one from your files.

Editing your Picture on your 2014 Photo Calendar

Here are some other tips and pointers on customizing your picture:

Changing Styles

Changing the shape or style of your photo is easy. With your photo selected, click on the bottom arrow just to the right of Picture Styles in the Picture Tool tab. This will drop down and display many selections. Then just move your mouse over the desired one to see a preview on your picture below. When you like one, select it and your picture will change to the desired effect.

Editing Shading

There are several shading effects you can give your picture on your 2014 Photo Calendar. To do this, go to the toolbar again at the top and select the drop-down Shadow Effects. You can choose Drop Shadow, Perspective Shadow, and other styles. You can also even change the shadow color at the bottom of the drop-down box.

Changing Size

One of the most important things you can do is change the size of your picture to give some flare to your calendar. There are two ways to do this. You can enter in the exact size you want it to be in the top right hand corner of the toolbar. You may also simply click on the picture and drag at the various outlining points to customize the width and length.

Download: 2014 Photo Calendar