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Biography Report Template

Biography Report Template Photo

People are always looking for ways to save time, energy and money these days and Microsoft has yet again acceded society’s expectations. The goals of …

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Bill of Rights Template

The Bill of Rights Template

Throughout the school year, parents and teachers need to keep the lines of communication open. Most problems can be prevented or resolved once expectations are …

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Science Fair Template

Photo of the Science Fair Template

If you are a parent sometimes you may think you were back in school yourself. It may seem like ages since you were in school …

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Interactive Periodic Table

Photo of the Interactive Periodic Table

There are hundreds of periodic tables available today to choose from, whether it’s on a large poster or a paper version in the back of …

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Most Improved Student Award Template

Teachers know they must always be on the lookout for ways to keep encouraging their students to do their best. One tried and true method …

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Class Roster Template

Free Class Roster Template

It is the general feeling that summer shortens with each passing year. For those educators among us, it feels as if you just filled in …

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High School Curriculum Template

Great teachers are also great planners. With the Visio High School Curriculum Template we can make your planning much more simple, streamlined and get you …

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North America Map Template

Screenshot of the North America Map Template

Pointing out locations is very important in today’s world. The North America Map Template offers the ability to pinpoint locations preferred by the user. The …

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Kindergarten Diploma Template

Screenshot of the Kindergarten Diploma Template

If you are a teacher or teachers assistant, you are in a field where putting on smiles on the faces of little toddlers is what …

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Timeline Template

Screenshot of the Timeline Template

There are many reasons to want to keep track of dates. The easiest way to do so in a visually pleasing way is to create …

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