Bill of Rights Template


The Bill of Rights Template

Throughout the school year, parents and teachers need to keep the lines of communication open. Most problems can be prevented or resolved once expectations are made clear. With that in mind, it’s a wise idea for teachers to present their philosophy and expectations to parents at the beginning of the school year. Creating a presentation using a Bill of Rights Template is an good way to share your policies in a clear and effective manner.

Teachers are usually running their classrooms on a tight budget, and do not have a lot of spare time to search online for templates. Purchasing a Bill of Rights Template might save time, but wouldn’t be the best use of limited funds. To save both time and money, simply download the free, customizable template right here on our site. It is easy to download and reusable, so you can adapt it to fit changing policies in school years to come!

How to Use the Bill of Rights Template

  • First, download the free Bill of Rights Template available on our site. Downloaded files are typically saved to temporary folders, so you may want to choose a different location so that it’s easier to find when you’re ready to use it.
  • Next, open Microsoft PowerPoint, and start putting your presentation together within the template. This template is set up to include slides pertaining to communication, school policies, special programs and more. Teachers might want to discuss the school’s stance on bullying, and the factors that contribute to an effective learning environment.
  • Although this Bill of Rights template was meant to be used in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, the slides can also be printed and handed out to parents to take home.
  • Be sure to save your work often as you prepare your presentation!

Sharing your school’s Bill of Rights with parents could be done at Back to School Night, parent-teacher conferences, orientation session, or any other occasion early in the school year. When parents understand what to expect from their children’s teacher and school, the rest of the year is bound to go more smoothly.

Download: Bill of Rights Template