Workout Log Template


There are many new fad diets out there that can produce fast results when combined with a proper exercise regimen. Those who are actively involved in their fitness and well-being know that it’s best to be proactive and enthusiastic about exercise and weight loss goals. There are many new tools that encourage users to track many useful statistics about their weight loss progress while keeping an eye on overall fitness goals. We’ll help you to keep a detailed log of the most important stats regarding your workouts with the free Workout Log template for Excel.

Using the Workout Log Template

Incorporating the free Excel Workout log into your weight loss program will help you track your goals and keeps your confidence soaring.  Once you get a free download of the workout template, you can quickly get things rolling by following along with the detailed steps below.

  • Use Microsoft Excel to open the workout template. If you don’t have Excel, usually any spreadsheet program can open the template for you.
  • There are two main sections in the fitness log: Stats and Workouts. All the formulas are already inserted in the “Stats” section of the template.
  • Every time you exercise, keep a detailed report of your activities in the template. If you go for a job or a run on the treadmill, note in the activity column. Insert the date and duration along with the activity. Most machines at the gym have electronic feedback to relay how far you’ve gone while using the equipment, so you’ll need to record the distance and pace in the workout log as well.
  • Lastly, record the calories you burned while taking part in your exercise routine. Most modern gym equipment can provide this information to you as well. The last column is labeled “Weight.” Realistically, you should only fill this column in once or twice a week. After a week or two, you’ll notice just how your routines and proper diet have positively affected your weight!

The “Stats” section at the top of the log will automatically calculate fields like average exercise duration, distance, and pace per hour. You can also keep track of how many calories you’ve burned and compare that against your caloric intake. By actively using the free Workout Log template, you’re on your way to becoming healthier and happier.

Download: Workout Log Template