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Back to School Checklist

Free Back to School Checklist

Getting your kids back to school can be a harrowing experience. There are often so many steps to perform, that it can seem impossible to …

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Field Trip Permission Form

Free Field Trip Permission Form

When your child has been invited to a field trip at school, it is important that the child has a written Field Trip Permission Form …

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Field Trip Permission Slip

Free Field Trip Permission Slip

Ensure parents and guardians give their permission before an upcoming outing or trip by sending home a field trip permission slip. This transportation permission slip …

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Student Assignment Planner

Free Student Assignment Planner

The educational field is becoming more and more competitive every year. Today’s top students compete for scholarships and rewards. Sometimes, one minute detail or assignment …

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PTA Meeting Agenda

PTA Meeting Agenda Template

Both parents and teachers are accustomed to setting down rules for discussion. However, that very fact can create disorganization when trying to run a PTA …

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Course Syllabus

The Common Core State Standards initiative and other educational reforms of the last decade have placed more stress on teachers than ever before. These accountability …

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Daily Lesson Planner

Keeping yourself organized can be hard when you are a teacher with so many children going in so many directions. This daily lesson planner template …

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Homework Planner

The hardest thing for students to stay on top of is homework. As a student progresses into high school and college, homework is crucial to …

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Teacher Syllabus Template

Free Teacher Syllabus Template

A good class begins with a good syllabus introducing the students to the rules and requirements for a class. If you need help building one, …

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Math Maze Games

If you are a teacher of young children and need an educational game for your children, try out these math maze games. They are easy …

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