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Buzzword Bingo Card

Are you always stuck in departmental meetings that frequently feature guest speakers? Maybe your organization is family oriented and loves to joke around. Here is …

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Blank Bingo Cards

Screenshot of the Blank Bingo Cards

Blank Bingo Cards are the perfect way for anyone to play this very popular game without having to waste tons of paper. The cards can …

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Vacation Request Form

Leading employees while running a company is a job in itself. If you are in business, you probably understand the importance of maintaining good personnel …

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Printable Bingo Cards

Screenshot of the Printable Bingo Cards

Printable bingo cards are ideal for any party or occasion. They’re also ideal for family game night. They’re free to print out and use anytime. …

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Employee Time Sheet

Some companies use an employee time sheet to keep up with their employees and time worked for the week. This free, downloadable and easily customizable …

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Time Sheet Template

Screenshot of the Time Sheet Template

Keeping track of your employees’ time at work is important. It’s the only way you can accurately pay them for the hard work that they …

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Business Invoice Template

Business Invoice Template screenshot

Business is about making money, not spending it. You need a business invoice template to brand your company and to bill your customers. But, you …

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Preschool Newsletter Template

Screenshot of the preschool newsletter template

As a preschool teacher, assistant teacher, administrator or administrative assistant of a center, your days are busy! Keep organized and keep parents informed of your …

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Service Invoice Template

Screenshot of the Service Invoice Template

If you are an independent consultant or own a small business, you understand that having an organized filing system can help your accounting system. Like …

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Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

Screenshot of the volunteer sign up sheet

If you are having a community event, a banquet, a concert or any other kind of event requiring volunteers, then you may want to consider …

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