Preschool Newsletter Template


Screenshot of the preschool newsletter template

As a preschool teacher, assistant teacher, administrator or administrative assistant of a center, your days are busy! Keep organized and keep parents informed of your daycare center’s activities with the Preschool Newsletter Template Word document. This preschool newsletter template is instantly downloadable and absolutely free.

How to Use the Preschool Newsletter Template Word Document

  • Always include contact information on the document. Whether you’re the head teacher, assistant teacher, administrator or administrative assistant, someone’s name and a telephone number or email should be on the document in case parents would like to contact the center with questions.
  • Include information that has the biggest impact on families. Do not assume that everyone has access to the internet.
  • Include dates and deadlines. If there are fees to be paid, dates to register by, items to bring or other time-sensitive issues, include these so everyone stays in-the-know.
  • Use bold font to draw attention to urgent items. Use clip art to add a festive touch. Use brightly-colored paper to make the newsletter stand out in a sea of other papers students may have.

Tips for Using the Preschool Newsletter Template Word Document

Here are some items you may want to include in your newsletter depending on what your priorities for communication are:

  • Supplies: Do students need to bring a special item for a special activity?
  • Curriculum: What are students learning and how can parents and guardians support that learning? Are students learning the alphabet? Are they exploring a certain season? Are they learning numbers?
  • Holidays/School Closings: Are there any days off school in the next month?
  • Inclement Weather: How will families know if the center is open or delayed during inclement weather?
  • Field Trips: Are there field trips coming up?
  • Special Events: Are there any special events such as a party, play, dance recital or Christmas concert coming up?
  • Parent Involvement: Does your center need volunteers?
  • Community Involvement: Is your center getting involved with any groups in the community for fundraising or other events?

All centers need to communicate with families. The Preschool Newsletter Template Word document available on this page makes this process easier for you and the families you serve.

Download: Preschool Newsletter Template