Suffixes for Diseases Flash Cards


Suffixes for Diseases Flash Cards

The free Suffixes for Diseases Flash Cards is a new tool for students that want to learn a thing or two about biological functions or simply need to study for their next biology tests. Simply by learning the suffixes for each of these common words, people can quickly understand what that disease or condition does, pretty useful right? The free template gives you the information in the form of some simple flashcards you can use to memorize these common terms and understand the inner functions of the disease without memorizing them all. To get started, read the guide below.

Getting to Know the Suffixes for Diseases Flash Cards

Start by clicking the link provided for you at the bottom of this template sheet.

The next step will be to print the information on the opened template file. By clicking the “File” button above and selecting the “Print” option, you will have your very own flash cards to practice with.

Now, go ahead and cut the flash cards out along the lines that have been provided as well.

The way the flash cards work is that you will be given a suffix and the definition of that suffix card on a different card.

As an example, one of the suffixes is “pathy” which is used to indicate a disorder of a particular part of the body. So, when a student comes across the word “Neuropathy” they will understand that it refers to a distinct disorder of some part of the nervous system.

By memorizing this simple list of items, you can quickly master any school biology test and be leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of your class.

Download the free template today to get started using the template and mastering biology terminology today!

Download: Suffixes for Diseases Flash Cards