Shelf Life of Food Template


Shelf Life of Food Template

Are you stocking up for the apocalypse or maybe you just wanted to be prepared when the power goes out for a while? The free Shelf Life of Food template is a general ledger that shows you the shelf-life of the most popular canned foods so you always know when to replace or use your supply. You can even print the sheet and hang it on the door of your cupboard when you need to see what items you can buy more of and when to replace them.

You don’t want to have an emergency on your hands only to find out your food supply has expired. Likewise, you don’t want it to go bad and find that all your stock food went bad and you wasted all that money. This free template saves you all that heartache. To get started, read the guide below!

Using the Shelf Life of Food Template

You can download the free template to Shelf Life of Food Template by clicking the link below.

Next, start at the top of the page. We have separated the different foods into convenient categories. As you know, some foods will last longer than others. By researching what foods go bad the fastest, you can avoid missing the dates and losing money.

You can also print this template right after you download it. Just scroll to the top of the page and select “File” then “Print.”

Now, go through the list and start noting what foods expires the fastest. You will notice in the first row that you have several options for storage that change how long your foods can last: Pantry, Refrigerator, and Freezer.

Depending on the options that you want to go with, you can easily change your storage for the optimal conditions and savings.
This template was designed to ensure you get the most out of your food.

Download: Shelf Life Of Food