Family Reunion Invitations


A family reunion can be a wonderful experience for everyone involved. They take a lot of work to plan, but the results can be one of the fondest memories for an entire generation of your clan. Using stylish invitations printed at home can help cut down on the hassle of planning your family reunion. By downloading the Family Reunion Invitations Template, which is available right here for free, you can create personalized invitations for your relatives without having to absorb the cost of a professional printer.

How to Use the Family Reunion Invitations Template

  • Download the Family Reunions Invitations Template and open the document in Microsoft Word.
  • The Family Reunion Invitations print out two at a time, and only on one side.
  • Fill in your family’s name under the graphic.
  • Cut down the middle and fold in half horizontally to create two Family Reunion Invitations with both front and back graphics. You can now hand-write a note to your relative on the inside.

Tips for Using the Family Reunion Invitations Template

  • First, create a guest list for your family reunion. If you can’t invite everyone, it may be helpful to create a cutoff point, such as “second cousins and closer.” But it is nice to invite everyone.
  • You may wish to use one particular person in each household as a point person, so that you don’t get your wires crossed. You will be coordinating with many different people, it’s best to give each family a frontperson.
  • Your family reunion can take place in many different locations. You can host the whole thing at your home, rent out a space, rent a vacation home for the weekend, plan a trip together, or all go camping at a designated campground.
  • Next, you will need to plan activities for your family members. You can plan for crafts for the kids, football or basketball games, or a board game night.
  • Finally, the most important consideration: Food. You’ll have to take into account dietary restrictions and allergies, just like at any other event. You may want to look into catering, or you can make food preparation another family event.

Download: Family Reunion Invitations