Back To School Report


A challenge every teacher faces at the beginning of each school year is finding out how to get to know your students from the start. The Back To School Report gives that task to your students! They can report some basic information about themselves that you won’t find in their student file.

How to use the Back To School Report

Download the free report template and print as many copies as you will need for your students. Each student writes their name as the reporter and fills out the different sections. You can add a twist to the exercise by having students pair up and interview each other. This can help break the ice between students and allow you to collect interesting facts about your class.

You can customize the various sections if there are other areas of interest you would like your students to share. These facts can later be turned into a guessing game for students throughout the year. You can post any of these without the student name and allow your students to guess who it belongs to.

Uses for the Back To School Report

This report is a great way to have new students who come in during the school year introduce themselves to the class. You can have another student interview the new student and present the report to the class. As their teacher, you can also fill out a report for yourself to share with your students. You can even copy each student’s filled out report and send it home for parents to view. The options are endless!

Download: Back To School Report