60 Simple Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly


2016 was ripe for new and more innovative ways to stay Eco-friendly. It was also a year that reached certain milestones for pollution. 2017 has to be better or we face environmental disaster. If you’re looking for newer ways to stay green for the New Year, then the free 60 Simple Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly template is the best tool you will find online.

This free list of eco-friendly items can help you change the shape of our every environment. You can print this sheet and find new and cool examples to help save the Earth, one recycled can at a time. It’s time to start going green if we want to have fresher air and keep the polar bears alive this year! To get started with the free list and download your own copy, follow the guide outlined below.

Using the 60 Simple Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly

To download the free template, just click the link we have provided at the bottom of this page.

Take a look at some of the items given on this template. You will have some of the classics listed at the top. Recycling is a must and one of the most impactful things you can do for the environment.

However, you will also find items like “Skip buying new books and buy eBooks or used books instead” and “Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.”

These items may seem like small at the time but they make a huge impact when enough people make them their daily habits.

You might not notice the air around your home becoming fresher but you will definitely see the impact in your water, gas, and electric bills. This is incentive enough because some of the items on this list could end up saving you hundreds each month.

Download: 60 Simple Ways To Be More Eco-Friendly