Yearbook Template


Yearbooks are fun ways to record and commemorate the events of the previous year. The process of making them through compiling photos and stories can be a lot of fun. That process has been streamlined with the free Yearbook Template from Template Haven. Our template is sure to help you to create a customized, memorable yearbook.

How to Use the Yearbook Template

Simply download the yearbook template from the bottom of this article. After you’ve downloaded the file, unzip it and open it. View the following steps to learn how to use the yearbook template.

  • First, select and organize the pictures you want in the yearbook. Then upload them to the pages you’ve selected for them.
  • Second, put captions on the photos you just uploaded. Don’t make them too long, but make sure to make them memorable.
  • Customize the yearbook to make it yours. Insert team mascots, school logos, and spirit colors.

Tips for Using the Yearbook Template

Creating a yearbook will allow you to show off your own creativity and personal style. Follow these hints and tips to make your yearbook unforgettable.

  • Begin a yearbook committee. Other students can use their own creativity and add stories and pictures to the yearbook.
  • Give the yearbook its own personality and style by giving it a theme.
  • Get other students to submit photos to the yearbook. More pictures means a bigger, better yearbook!

By creating a yearbook, you’ll be creating and compiling many wonderful memories. It will show off the creativity of the people behind it, so be sure to make it as eye-catching as possible. Creating a yearbook is a simple pleasure that provides fun to everyone involved. Make the creation of your yearbook a lot easier with the Yearbook Template.

Download: Yearbook Template