Wedding Seat Tracker


The Wedding Seat Tracker template does much more than the name implies. With this document, all the information you need to know about a guest can be carefully tracked and monitored. Not only can you track your guest’s seating arrangements, but you can also list the number of people they bring, their meal choice, and the gifts they got you! All this information makes organizing your wedding day much simpler. You never have to lose track of a guest’s details again with this comprehensive tracker. Make your wedding day one to remember by downloading this free template today!

Wedding Seat Tracker Instructions

Before your wedding, preferably while you’re sending your invitations, list all the names and addresses of your guests in the “Guest Names” and “Address” column.

In the next few columns of the Wedding Seat template, you’ll enter the number of people your guest will be bringing along. You can mark if the number of people they have invited and the number of people that are actually going later on.

The “Table” column is where you will keep track of the seating arrangements of your guests. Enter the table number where your guest will go. Then, in the “Seat” column, you can enter their specific seat number.

The “Meal Choice” columns are another useful feature, allowing up to 3 different options your guest can choose from. You can circle the meal choice your guest has selected already.
The final sections make sending “Thank You” cards a snap. Enter a brief description of the gift your guest got you under the “Gift received” column and a “Yes” or a “No” to indicate if you sent them a card as a sign of gratitude.

Every aspect of your wedding guest list can be meticulously planned out with one simple Wedding Seat template!

Reasons to Use the Simple Wedding Seat Tracker

  • Keeps track of your guest’s seating arrangementTracks your guest’s gifts as well
  • Tracks your guest’s gifts as well
  • Gives you a place to list addresses for easy “Thank You” card sending


Download: Wedding Seat Tracker