Wedding Essentials Checklist Template


The Wedding Essentials Checklist Template is the best way to track and manage all the things that will make your wedding day one to remember. The simple document is an easy to customize checklist template that allows you to enter all the expenses associated with your wedding and mark them off as you complete each task! Nothing can be simpler! This is a major event in anyone’s life. You need to make sure everything has been completed before you walk down that aisle. This template is the perfect tool to help manage your wedding, download this document now for free!

How to Use the Wedding Essentials Checklist Template

First you need to customize the document so it’s better suited for your unique wedding day plans. You can do this by clicking on a cell and typing something new.
Go through the list and make the appropriate changes to the document. You need to make sure everything included in your ideal wedding is on the list.

When the editing process has been completed, you can decide to either keep everything digital or print the document and mark the list off as you go. To print this template, simply press “File” then “Print” located in the Home ribbon at the top of your screen.

Now you simply write a checkmark in the corresponding boxes whenever you purchase, book, or complete any of the tasks you assigned yourself on this template!
This is a special time in your life and something your friends and family will remember for the rest of theirs. That’s why you need everything to be perfect on your wedding day. This template is here to help you through each step!

Best Reasons to Use the Wedding Essentials Checklist Template

  • Simple design makes using the template easy
  • Easy to customize the document to fit your needs
  • Printable


Download: Wedding Essentials Checklist Template