Voting Template


A voting template shows that you feel voting is important, no matter what the vote is for. Reminding your contacts to vote can be seen as a civic duty. There is a nice reminder that anyone can add to their email, showing their support for voting. Everyone who is old enough to vote, should, but it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder.

The voting template for email is perfect for customizing email and showing support for the voting process. This Microsoft Outlook email template is easy to install and use to show everyone you send an email too that you are a supporter of voter’s rights, and can serve as a gentle reminder for recipients to do the same.

How to Use the Voting Template Outlook Document

  • First, click to download the template file. Save to computer when prompted to install in Outlook.
  • Second, locate the file downloaded and open the file. Click on the icon that looks like an envelope. Point it to the file where Outlook templates are stored and unpack the template.
  • Third, when creating a new email, choose the template just installed. Send your email message with the added reminder to vote.

Reasons to Use the Voting Template Outlook Document

  • First, this template is great for those who are patriotic and support democracy. The message is sent to anyone you use this email template for. This action may encourage more to vote in upcoming elections.
  • Second, once downloaded and installed, use the template. We can all have a lot of great templates with wonderful messages, but if no one sees them, they cannot become motivated to follow you and make their vote count.
  • Third, Outlook templates are great ways to send an extra message, and dress up you email. There is no reason to have a cookie cutter email that looks the same as everyone else’s.

All companies use email to communicate with customers and clients. Let your template relay an important message about voting and how important it is to you. Using the email voting template is a great way to show support.

Download: Voting Template