Vendor Cost Analysis


Selecting vendors to use for a one-time event or a continuous business venture can sometimes feel overwhelming and confusing. This vendor cost analysis sheet makes things easier for business owners and event planners alike to compare and select vendors then list them all on one easy to understand sheet in Microsoft Excel.

This vendor cost analysis template is an effective way to compare and contrast up to five vendors at the same time. Space is allotted for prices and delivery costs in units, allocations of orders and costs, and a summary that takes into account the average price per unit from each of the vendors. It will make planning much easier.

How to Use this Vendor Cost Analysis

  1. The first step to using this template is to download it right from this site. It is quick, easy and free to download this effective tool in just a moment and then open up Microsoft Excel where you can begin to use it.
  2. Next, since this template is fully customizable, begin to add in the details for the vendors. The formulas work automatically which means all you need to do is transfer the basic information then watch the sheet do its magic and turn provide helpful numbers to make informed decisions.
  3. Finally, print out the analysis which fits neatly on one sheet of paper and distribute it to important decision makers within organization. It is an easy way to share the important data without making everyone crunch numbers and potentially make mistakes.

Tips for Using this Vendor Cost Analysis

  • When comparing vendors, it is helpful to focus on more than the price per unit. For instance, do they have a good customer service reputation? Keep these facts in mind while selecting vendors to add to the vendor cost analysis template.
  • It is helpful to come up with a budget prior to filling out the vendor cost analysis. This will give you a sense of how much you can spend. In addition, have a thorough understanding of the number of units you will need for best results.
  • Involving others with the decision as much as possible is beneficial because many minds are certainly better than one. That is a major reason to use this template because it is easy to distribute electronically or in a paper copy to others within the organization and the analysis is already done for you.

Download: Vendor Cost Analysis