Time Card Template


Microsoft Time Card Template

Keeping accurate records in the payroll department is one of the most important functions of any business or company. Failing to properly compensate employees can lead to major problems and unhappiness in the office. Conversely, overcompensating employees can lead to reduced revenues and wrongly skewed financial figures. You can remove all of the guesswork from your payroll duties with the time card template from Microsoft.

With the Microsoft time card template, you can keep an easy record of all the hours worked by every employee in the office. With multiple saving and customization options to choose from, it truly will become a payroll employee’s new favorite tool.

As an added bonus to businesses, you can use the time card template from Microsoft for free any time you need it. Simply click on the download link available on this page and begin using the Microsoft time card template today!

How to Use the Microsoft Time Card Template

The time card template is available as an Excel spreadsheet from Microsoft. Before using the template, remember that all aspects of the form are customizable. You can add features that would fit your business better and remove the ones that don’t fit at all. Only general knowledge of Microsoft Excel is necessary to customize the spreadsheet.

The template is incredibly straightforward. It includes all of the traditional elements you would expect from a time card, such as space for the day of the week, the date, regular hours, overtime hours, sick time and vacation time.

The most helpful thing about the Microsoft time card template is that it crunches the numbers for you. After all the required information is input, the template calculates the financial figures you need to complete payroll for each individual employee.

There’s also space at the bottom of the template for signatures from both the employee and manager to ensure the correctness of the financial figures.

Get Your Own Microsoft Time Card Template Today!

Many payroll offices are constantly looking for ways to streamline operations and work more efficiently. The Microsoft time card template will help you accomplish those goals and much more. Download and save the Microsoft time card template for free right here at TemplateHaven.com today!

Download: Time Card Template