Social Media Post Calendar


The Social Media Post Calendar is your ticket to staying up-to-date with all your social media profiles. This simple template breaks down all your platforms into separate tabs and gives you a way to enter them on an easy to read calendar. The Post Calendar makes it easy for you to balance all your profiles with well thought out content and automatically organizes your schedule in the form of a simple calendar. You can edit, change, and update all this information with a few mouse clicks. Take control of your social media profiles by downloading the free post template today.

How to Use the Social Media Post Calendar

To download the template, simply click the link below.

At the bottom of your screen, you will see a list of social media platforms in which to enter the information that will be displayed in the “Monthly Planning Calendar” template.

Start by select the platform you want to start with and click on that tab. Each one will be slightly different but maintain a similar format.

At the top of each page, you will find a header row that tells you exactly what you need to enter underneath. For example, in the Facebook tab, you can enter the date of your post, the time, the text of the content, a link to your post, the campaign (if applicable), and finally, the image you want to include in your post.

You will then go through all of the social media platforms that you use and enter the relevant information listed out on each page.

Once you have finished with the various tabs, you can go to the “Monthly Planning Calendar” tab to view the fruits of your labor.

This tab is set up as a simple calendar with each cell representing a day of the week. When you need to know what you’ll be posting on any given day, just refer to this calendar and the items within. The template even separates the different social media platforms on your calendar by color so you’ll never mix anything up.

Download: Social Media Post Calendar