Social Media Metrics Template


Creating a chart that tracks the progress and success of your posts is the best way to analyze data to improve your performance on social media. Better yet, you can also have a convenient graph that illustrates this information shows you exactly what areas need improvement. The Social Media Metrics Template is a comprehensive way to enter relevant data about your social media posts and your profile as a whole and receive helpful data that can help you improve overall performance. This free tool focuses on comments, interaction rates, and the number of subscribers to show you exactly how well your social media profile is performing.

How to Use the Social Media Metrics Template

After successfully downloading the template to your computer, open the document and start in the “Insert Data Here” tab at the bottom of the page.
This page may seem intimidating at first but you can easily work through the page by following these instructions. You will focus from top to bottom and go by the color-coordinated system laid out for you.

You can start with activities to the right of the table you will list various channels and activities for a specific social media profile as you go. Just as with the examples, go through and enter your information and the number of posts you wrote each day in the calendar to the right.

When you have finished filling in your table, move on to the next one and do the exact same thing. Remember to note the differences by reading the header at the top of each category table. For example, the next section will focus on “Interaction” instead of “Activity”.

Continue going through all the remaining tables and enter the necessary information as well. If a metric does not match your criteria or you want to use different metrics altogether, simply click the cell you want to change and write a new item.

When you finished all the tables you can scroll back to the top of the page to view your trends in a convenient graph. The “Heartbeat” tab also relays this information in a condensed version if you want to view this data at a glance.

Now you can reach new heights with social media performance, download the free template today.

Download: Social Media Metrics Template