Simple Wedding Invitation Template


The Simple Wedding Invitation Template is a beautiful and efficient way to inform everyone you know and love about your upcoming nuptials. With its simple design and easy to customize format, you can quickly go from downloading to mailing out these invitations in a matter of minutes. Weddings can be pretty expensive and even something like the invitations can cost a lot of money. This free wedding template is a nice alternative to save you time and money on your wedding budget. Instead of spending that money on invitations, download this template for free today and save that cash for the honeymoon!

How to Use the Simple Wedding Invitation Template

To download the free document, simply click the link provided at the bottom of this page!

The wedding template is pretty simple and straightforward to use. You’ll notice that there are two pages. The top page will be the outside of your car, and the bottom will be placed within.
Start by customizing the wedding template to include your specific wedding information. Simply highlight the text you wish to delete and press “Backspace” on your keyboard. With the old text cleared, you are free to start typing your information.

You can also personalize the document by adding a lovely photo of you and your significant other. To do this, right-click on the heart image on the top sheet and press “Change Picture”. From this point, you can choose a picture that is already on your computer.

When your Wedding Invitation is just the way you want, press “File” at the top of the page and select “Print”. In the print menu, just choose the number of pages you’d like to print.
The final step is to piece the two pages together in the order stated above. Feel free to use any type of adhesive, and then simply fold the pages in half.

Top Reasons to Use the Simple Wedding Invitation Template

  1. Easy to customize format
  2. You can insert your own images
  3. Printable


Download: Simple Wedding Invitation Template