Simple March Madness Bracket Template


Are you ready for March Madness? Yes, it’s that time of the year again but no need to look any further for the best bracket template to track all your teams. The Simple March Madness Bracket Template is as easy as it comes when you want to upload your team’s information and edit something quickly and effortlessly. Make accurate predictions this year by downloading this template for free. Just click the link below to get started.

Simple March Madness Bracket Template Instructions

After you have successfully downloaded the template to your computer, you can choose to either enter your information through the template or print the document and fill it out by hand.
When you’re ready begin entering the final 64 teams based on their seeding scores. Note, you can find a current seed list by searching online.

From this point, the template is pretty straightforward. You’ll update the template after each game and advance the winning team into the next slot of the bracket system.

You will continue to update the bracket sheet in this way until the final two teams face off against each other. The winner of this game will be placed in the center square and listed as the champion.

To make things easier, the rounds are listed directly under the appropriate brackets so you always know where to enter your new information.

In addition, there is also a helpful reference guide for pools located at the very bottom of the template to make scoring extremely easy.

Now you can follow your favorite teams into the heat of battle and make accurate predictions using this template to help you organize your entire season.

Reasons to use the Simple March Madness Bracket Template

  • Simple design makes customization easy
  • Helpful tips and references tables provided
  • Template is absolutely free to download

Download: Simple March Madness Bracket Template