Restaurant Inventory Sheet


Taking inventory is a necessary part of running a restaurant. If you don’t know what you have on hand, then how can you be sure what dishes you can make and how many customers you can serve? However, with that said, taking inventory shouldn’t be a long, draw-out process that cuts into the work day or which requires a lot of money spent on an inventory system. That is why the restaurant inventory sheet is such a time and money saver.

How the Restaurant Inventory Sheet Works

In order to use our restaurant inventory sheet all you have to do is click the download link presented here on this page. Once the Excel spreadsheet has downloaded simply open it up and click the “Save As” button. Choose an easy to remember name for the file (like “Inventory for April 4, 2014”), and then click “Save” again. After the file has been named simply fill it out. Once all the blanks are filled in you should have a pretty accurate view of what you have on hand, and what will need to be ordered in the near future.

What Does the Restaurant Inventory Sheet Cost?

Our restaurant inventory sheet is free to anyone who needs it. It isn’t free the first time, or the first three times; it’s free every time. So no matter what happens restaurant owners can always come back to this site and download a replacement sheet if they need to. Whether the original gets deleted, corrupted, overwritten, lost, or if the computer it was on crashed and won’t come back doesn’t matter; just come back and download a replacement with no costs, and no questions asked.

There’s no reason that taking inventory should require a complicated program and additional money being shelled out by restaurant owners. As long as someone has a basic understanding of how a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet works, and an Internet connection to download our free restaurant inventory sheet, it should be nothing more than business as usual. Why wait one more day? Download a free copy of the sheet now and try it out for yourself!

Download: Restaurant Inventory Sheet